A very high performance product as a result of the research and development of the SSH technical team.  With more than 30 years of experience in the sector of plastic carpentry, we are today one of the major benchmarks in the manufacture of PVC systems.

In our manufacturing processes we make use of the latest technological advances in PVC design and production, applying the most demanding international product scales. We work with high quality profiles that allow the manufacture of doors and windows with the maximum guarantees of insulation and watertightness.

We are characterised by having a highly qualified and specialised team of professionals, capable of offering our clients personalised advice on carpentry modulation design.

We are a competent and responsible company where we not only manufacture windows, but also offer a specific response to each need, achieving satisfaction tailored to each requirement, with the highest quality in each of our products.

Our windows are the only ones in the world that have an anti-hurricane certificate (Tested in Intertek USA) with double-glazed glass and an Argon gas chamber.


In today’s architecture, the concepts of energy saving, sustainability and the greenhouse effect are of utmost importance and must be considered in any new project or remodelling. These requirements are closely linked to sun protection elements such as louvers.

Our louvers bring a high aesthetic value to the building through their different shapes and sizes, with movable or fixed slats, which can be manual or motorised. This way, SSH offers a wide range of possibilities that allow us to comprehensively approach a tailor-made solution for each project.

Rolling Blinds

We are specialists in systems for sun protection, both indoors and outdoors.

There is a wide range of possibilities for actuation from the manual chain control, cardan crank, and all the possibilities of motorisation: remote control, light sensors, time programmers, with the possibility of incorporating it into the home automation system of the rest of the house.

This versatile roller blind system, with its wide collection of fabrics, colors and textures will contribute to the decoration of your spaces, and will help you create environments for every window in your home or business.

Japanese Panels

Elegance would be the word to define this sliding panel system, especially indicated for large glazed openings and for room separation. It is recommended that the panels do not exceed 31.5”, being able to divide each window opening into as many panels as it deems convenient, since it is tailored to your needs.