Modern Interior Doors

With more than 10 years dedicated to the manufacture of doors, SSH, can be considered today, a company that has managed to incorporate the accumulated experience of the wood sector, new technologies, trends, and the requirements of legality, and care for the environment.

We have the CERTIFICATES of the 30, 45 and 60 minute Fire Resistance tests; and Halspan Trade certification for 90 and 120 minutes. Also of Acoustic Resistance of 30, 37, 42 and 47 dBs

With the aim of consuming less and less wood veneer, to follow market trends, and also for respect for the environment, in SSH, we have decided to bet on sustainable materials such as MELAMINAS, to gradually replace natural wood veneers.

Pivot Doors

SSH entrance pivot doors with new market trends, innovative design, thermal efficiency and high security. Our product range includes pivoting doors suitable for large spans, with very light and smooth opening.

SSH pivot doors are characterized by a high-quality product with unquestionable quality and durability, combined with a very unique design, manufactured with aluminum profiles with thermal cut, filling of polyurethane panels and coatings in multiple materials, in some models may be applied 1 or more glasses for natural light input. When acquiring a SSH door you feel that the door of your house is unique and different from all the others.